Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

I've got the Christmas blues!! "What are the Christmas blues??" you ask? Ummm... read it that I can't wait for Christmas to be over. I'm serious. The "magic" of the season has been non-existent for me thus far.

Oh, I know it's terrible of me! After all, Christmas is supposed to be a time of laughter and love and family and giving and most importantly... remembering our Saviour's birth. I'm trying to reflect on this... that is in-between extended holiday work hours and finals and shopping and figuring out what on earth I am going to give my fourteen Sunday School kids.

I have been shopping (sort of) once; and I bought one gift for my sister, which I ended up giving to her the next day... go figure! I always made fun of people who have their shopping finished in August; but now it sounds like a good idea... I see their point.

My problem is I cannot begin to think of Christmas any earlier than mid-November. I know, it's not right; seeing that we start decorating the shop for Christmas in October accompanied by those festive carols that I can't bear until December. I'm one of those people who like Christmas music at CHRISTMAS, not at Valentine's Day or in March or October. (And while decorating this year I heard "Silver Bells" enough in one day to taint the song forever in my memory. ;)
Now the holiday rush is in full swing at the flower shop. Everyone thinks working at a flower shop is the most peaceful job on earth. All I can say is they should try it during the holidays when the orders are piling, the rose petals are flying, and the constant ring of the telephone is a continual clangor. Enough said. :)

Well, it's not a white Christmas... yet; nor is it holly jolly thus far. I just pray that I will not let the commercialism and the crash and burn chaotic craziness to get in the way of the One whose birth we remember on that day -

Emmanuel. Be with us this this season and always, dear Lord! Help us to put You first forever and now. Amen.